5 Great Reasons To Work In Cyber Security

An immediate need for information security has been created because of the increasing number of threats and data breaches such as ransomware. Over the years, we’ve witnessed a significant increase in cyber-attacks globally, both in frequency and speed. And almost every government, organisation, and business is looking for talented IT professionals who can prevent and tackle such situations and mitigate cyber-attacks. Recruiters are constantly competing to grab the best talent in cybersecurity to fulfil the vacancies within their organisation. However, it is shocking to know that dozens of cybersecurity positions across industries remain vacant each year for extended periods.

The reason?

There are not enough skilled professionals who can take on cybersecurity roles.

While this type of frenzy in the job market is most appealing to students trying to decide on a career path, there is very little inflow of new security professionals in cybersecurity. This is surprising because information security and cybersecurity are the few emerging fields that promise jobs right after completing a certificate or diploma course in cybersecurity/information security. Unfortunately, the demand-supply gap is worsening with time. According to a study, the shortage of cybersecurity professionals will worsen in the coming years, and the gap is far from narrowing.

If you are looking for a promising career, there has never been a time better than now to enter cybersecurity. You can apply for courses online, such as Executive PG Programme in Software Development Specialisation in Cyber Security(from IIITB) or AdvanceCertification in Cyber Security(from IIITB), and you would be ready to go. A survey conducted by the Center for Cyber Safety and Education on more than 19,000 cybersecurity professionals stated that there will be an acute crisis in cybersecurity workers with a shortage of 1.8 million professionals by 2022.

The study also concluded that 47% of the companies were struggling to recruit qualified professionals. The companies found this shortage of cybersecurity professionals to cause more cybersecurity breaches, significantly impacting customer satisfaction and retention as well. 46% of the companies involved in the survey said they are planning to expand their cybersecurity workforce by at least 16%, but the shortage of personnel prevents them from doing so.

With so many job offers and salaries of such professionals on the rise, cybersecurity careers look highly promising.

Top Five Reasons to choose a Cybersecurity Career

1. Multiple options

Cybersecurity can be defined as an outlook that includes contemplating or comprehending the worth of various assets, perceiving several vulnerabilities of those assets, understanding the potential exploits of those assets, and executing the appropriate response to minimise or eliminate compromises. It pertains to a set of skills that you can easily acquire through practice, work and determination.

Today, when almost every organisation has to work with computers and smartphones, cybersecurity jobs are not just limited to IT companies but have become imperative in every organisation. From small startups to large enterprises-every company is using smartphones for operations and a large network of systems to handle humongous amounts of data. Therefore, cybersecurity is becoming more vital day by day.

A career in cybersecurity can place you in any field of work, be it law, telecommunications, healthcare, transportation, energy, entertainment, infrastructure, and even construction. WIth malicious software, intentional breach, or employee error, every company now realises that they need a cybersecurity professional whether they might have initially realised it or not.

2. Upward Mobility

Due to the talent shortage in this industry, workers can easily climb up the ladder without much competition within or outside the company. Thus, starting work as a lower-level employee won’t become a hurdle in moving up the hierarchy. And as most companies promote deserving employees from within, you can easily move up the hierarchy with better pay once you prove your knowledge, skills, and expertise.

3. Low Unemployment Rate

With the shortage of talent in the industry and computer threats and attacks becoming more frequent and dangerous, the demand for professionals in the cybersecurity field outstrips the supply. This, in turn, virtually guarantees job security for qualified cybersecurity specialists.

4. Competitive Pay

Companies require trained cybersecurity experts because the dangers that accompany cyber threats are extremely serious. Since there is a shortage of skilled professionals to mitigate these threats, companies readily pay high salary packages to skilled cybersecurity professionals. Thus, investing your time and money in a cybersecurity course is one of the best decision you can make. Equipped with a cybersecurity degree, you’ll be in a position to negotiate for better pay.

However, you have to keep in mind that people choosing this career have a lot of responsibilities. Especially when working in a corporate environment, if any network/system goes offline or a breach occurs, it takes a resolute person to quickly manage and resolve the issue. But then, these challenges may seem more appealing to some aspirants than financial stability.

5. Rewarding Work

As long as there’s the Internet and people continue to thrive in the digital realm, cybercrimes will persist. And this is precisely why cybersecurity as a career will continue to remain relevant for a long, long time. Just acquire the right skills and qualifications, and you could be a part of the community that’s working endlessly to make our digital world a safer and secure place!

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