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In the span of a decade or so, Big Data has become the kind of polarising force that has affected everything in its path. These days, it is tough to imagine a world without big data or its influence, considering just how much has changed in the wake of its consequences. As a professional field, it has more takers than ever, not only because the demand is rising, but also because the kind of jobs it has to offer can be qualitatively as well as financially more fulfilling for people who are looking for a job change. In the midst…

As anybody who has any experience in programming can attest, Python is a language that can be used in multiple ways, across multiple functions, and can produce staggering results when deployed in the right context. And particularly in today’s context, Python is used in various capacities within artificial intelligence and machine learning contexts, which makes it an invaluable tool in the overall toolkit for someone who wants to pursue AI / ML or Data Science as a career!

Let us look at the 10 best Python Online Courses starting in August 2021 that you can consider enhancing your career!

List of Top Python Programming Courses 2021


When it comes to understanding how important business analytics is, there are very few people who have not yet caught on. The fact of the matter is actually very simple: data analysis is the need of the hour, and everything else that can support it into being more effective is just as important. This is where business analytics comes in. By combining the core tenets of data analytics with sound business principles and expected outcomes, business analytics is a tool that allows businesses to leverage data in the best way possible.

If you have been meaning to get started on…

Over the course of the last couple of years, our reliance on our devices has increased. This has also translated into a significantly greater amount of consumption, which also means that there has also been a proportional increase in data creation as well. But where are we heading with this? It’s simple — if you’ve ever considered completing a course in data analytics, now is the best time! So if you find yourself on this boat that is headed towards one of the best careers in the world, then read on.

Artificial Intelligence courses
Artificial Intelligence courses
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There was a time when Artificial Intelligence was a vague concept that not many people understood. Now, it is a prominent field within the tech space, and promises not only a significant number of industrial applications but also growth in terms of opportunities and financial rewards. If you are someone who is interested in Artificial Intelligence and wants to make it a bigger part of their life, then this is the right time to consider a course! It will impact your career in a significant way, and you will be reaping the benefits for years to come.

An immediate need for information security has been created because of the increasing number of threats and data breaches such as ransomware. Over the years, we’ve witnessed a significant increase in cyber-attacks globally, both in frequency and speed. And almost every government, organisation, and business is looking for talented IT professionals who can prevent and tackle such situations and mitigate cyber-attacks. Recruiters are constantly competing to grab the best talent in cybersecurity to fulfil the vacancies within their organisation. However, it is shocking to know that dozens of cybersecurity positions across industries remain vacant each year for extended periods.


Did you know that the average person checks their phones 58 times a day?

Whether you are average or above average, there is no doubt that our interdependence on smartphones has made them a valuable commodity for every industry. From retail owners to grocery shop owners — everyone can reach us via our smartphones.

Be it with a sponsored Instagram post or with a subscribed newsletter — marketing today has found a news outlet. After newspapers and televisions, we have reached the age of digital marketing using portable media.

Digital Marketing refers to gaining and converting regular users into customers…

Be it the employers or employees, IT certifications benefit both. Being certified in any information technology skill will help you get your desired job and indicate to your prospective employers that you are better prepared, have dedication towards the job, and have the essential knowledge to become successful IT professional someday. IT certification will make you better-equipped at your work and make sure that you are more productive. It will also ensure that you work faster and make fewer mistakes while implementing products and services.

If you get a certification, Information technology offers you a fulfilling and lucrative career like…

At present, where data is being generated every minute, there is a crucial need to protect that data from being beached. To protect data, almost all companies hire skilled professionals to safeguard the computer networks and to protect the organisation’s information from being hacked. Cybersecurity professionals are the people for this job. In this article, we will try to give you an insight into different cybersecurity jobs that you may be interested in and pursue as a career.

Here are the Top 6 Job Roles in Cyber Security

1. Chief Information Security Officer — CISO

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) ensures the complete safety of all…

With the whirlwind development of technologies like Automation, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, etc., the world is evolving and becoming smarter day by day. And the heart of this development is programming languages. Labour Statistics predict that there is about to be a growth of 21% in programming jobs in the coming decade. This average is four times of all occupations combined. …

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