Top 10 Books on Digital Marketing Every Digital Marketing Expert Should Read

Digital marketing started trending as a phenomenon at the beginning of the decade, but it took off with the advent of social media. A large chunk of business was operating online when in 2020, the world faced one of the worst humanitarian crises — Covid-19. The Covid-19 pandemic took the whole online functioning to another level. But industry experts across various factors believe that these online structures are here to stay. Therefore, if you are new to marketing and looking to elevate your profile, it is highly recommended that you upgrade your digital marketing skills.

Various online courses saturated with great technical and creative development learning opportunities are now available to learners. To start, you can look at upGrad’s Course in Digital Marketing and Communications. The course is a great entry point for fresh graduates looking to build their careers in this field. Students get to interact with digital marketing tools and platforms like Facebook IQ, Buffer, etc., along with great mentorship. For advanced learners, the Digital Marketing for Leaders course is an excellent choice for upskilling.

Besides the course material, it is always helpful to have a reading list that will help you dig deeper into the topics that interest you. We have compiled a list of books that are considered the best for understanding digital marketing better.

Go ahead and take a look and immediately add them to your to-read list!

1. Epic content marketing by Joe Pulizzi

If you are looking for a book that immediately engages with you, then this is the answer. The author asks the readers to create digital marketing strategies that are bound like a narrative. This way, the stories are more engaging and interesting. Readers are told about ways in which marketing can be persuasive but not commanding. The book talks about all the current trends that are prevalent online. It is an excellent analysis of how good content will inevitably grab attention without requiring the perpetual need to force consumers to like and share. The book beautifully illustrates the importance of agency and free will in developing customer loyalty.

2. Youtility by Jay Baer

The book offers a new approach to digital marketing. Baer’s strategy works in a way that tries to look at marketing that works towards genuinely helping the consumer. A helping hand trying to offer authentic consumer solutions promises customers for life. The book offers vast data of about 700 brands, real-life experiences that are practising utility in real-time. The reader can learn from these branding strategies directly. The book humanises the relationship between consumers and the company. It offers the longevity of a connection built on trust. If this kind of interaction is what you hope to build on, you should definitely look at this book for inspiration.

3. Hit Makers: The science of popularity in an age of Digital Distraction

Derek Thompson, a senior editor at the Atlantic, talks about the relationship between media and economics. He meticulously explores the different digital trends that we engage with. From topics like ‘How Barack Obama and speechwriters think of themselves as songwriters’ to ‘why Facebook is today’s most important newspaper’, there is a wide range of information he imparts. One of the most sought-after digital marketing books, it explores the reasons behind the propensity towards specific buying patterns and the influence culture has over what we buy. The personal touches in the book make it a visceral read.

4. Digital Marketing for dummies by Ryan Deiss and Russ Henneberry

The book, which first came out in 2016, is as relevant as ever in 2021. Maybe because of the raw data, the book is as relevant as it gets. The book aims to help people who are just starting out their digital marketing journey. This is precisely what you need to learn the basic tricks of the trade. From SEO to content marketing, this book has all that you need to increase outreach. It debones the world of digital marketing as intricately as possible. It breaks down all the jargon and helps you prepare for the more complex matters as you advance further in the world of digital marketing.

5. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

Mr. Gary is a well known social media expert. In this, he uses the allegory of boxing to define what is the punch you need to not only win over your customers and knock out your competition. The book is a perfect combination of Crush it! and The Thank You Economy and tells you exactly how social media marketing strategies work. Vaynerchuk goes one step ahead and says that creating good content is necessary but it is not sufficient. Unless the content is catered to the interface where it is uploaded, it is definitely not enough to produce the desired result.

6. The Art of SEO by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, and Jessie Stricchiola

If you are in any way acquainted with digital marketing, you all already know the significance of SEO. Written in 2007, this is one the best books ever written on SEO. The researchers have toiled over years to create this 1000 plus page guide. Given that it first came out in 2007, the book has gone through some much-needed revisions and is currently in its 3rd edition. This book is all you need if you have any queries related to SEO. It covers a range of topics across different gradients. So if you want to know how to rank high across search engines, this is what you refer to.

7. Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion by Nathalie Nahai

Nathalie Nahai is a web psychologist who efficiently brings together psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics to unravel the patterns behind the customer psyche. In its second edition, that book works towards establishing the exact principle that helps in marketing products and websites. The book is a great entry point into the digital marketing world, especially CRO/website. It will specifically tell you how to apply the different theories that come under the digital marketing umbrella. If you are looking for an extensive list of practical ideas to give you the bump in conversion rates that you need, this should definitely be on your reading list.

8. Digital Marketing That Actually Works the Ultimate Guide by Krista Neher, Joe Busam, Allison Chaney, Laurie VanSchaik, Melissa Byers (Editor)

This is the blueprint you need to understand digital marketing strategies that get you the exact results that you have wanted all along. From techniques to specific tools-this book teaches you everything. Measurement and prioritizations are a strong focus of the book. These will ultimately help you grow your business, brand etc. People who can benefit from this book-

  • Marketers and agencies
  • CEOS and Executives
  • Entrepreneurs and startups
  • Brand Managers
  • Agencies
  • Business Professionals

Specific aspects that have been covered in this book include-Digital content strategy and optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Websites, Conversational marketing (reviews, influencers, advocates and more), Email marketing, CRM, Mobile marketing (including Messenger and Chatbots), Digital marketing measurement, Digital marketing analytics and optimisation, Digital ROI (return on investment)

9. Permission Marketing by Seth Godin

Seth Godin has been called the ultimate entrepreneur for the Information Age by Business Week. Permission Marketing is a concept introduced by Seth himself. The concept in itself is groundbreaking because it presents an aspect of marketing that will compel consumers to accept advertising willingly. The outdated mode of Interruption Marketing doesn’t work. And Seth has illustrated throughout the book well enough. The book is considered essential by anyone and everyone in digital marketing. Currently, the book has been translated into 35 languages which speak directly about its global relevance. It can be your best friend in your digital marketing journey.

10. Social Media Marketing — ALL IN ONE for Dummies by Jan Zimmerman, Deborah Ng

Today, marketers cannot imagine digital marketing without a social media presence. Whatever may be your digital marketing strategy, without a social media activity, it will lack performance. This book is a commendable introduction to the world of social media marketing. Social media works great in combination with other digital marketing techniques and this book will efficiently integrate various strategies with it. The new edition, which is the book’s 4th one, will give all the updated information you need to acquaint yourself with in the world of social media marketing.

With that, we come to the end of our top ten books on digital marketing!